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Wood Slabs

Wood slabs are the perfect natural addition for your next building, construction or furniture making project. They can also be used as interesting and unique bases for art projects. While high quality wood slabs can often be hard to find, Diablo Mulch brings the best wood slabs in the Bay Area to you, from local and sustainable sources.

Wood Slab Characteristics

Each wood slab is unique and one of a kind. The shape, size, coloration, pattern and texture of every wood slab is unique, as they are individually cut and hand-picked. Crafted with the stunning designs that only nature can create, every wood slab possesses its own exceptional beauty. This makes our natural wood slabs the perfect centerpiece for your next creative project.

Wood Slab Uses

Furniture design is one of the most popular uses for wood slabs. Wood slabs can be effectively built into dining tables, coffee tables, chairs, desks, benches and more by a professional carpenter or keen DIYer. Wood slabs can even be incorporated as a decorative feature for walls or doors in building construction. The one of a kind characteristic of each wood slab makes them the perfect base for an art project or sculpture. Bursting with natural character and versatility, your imagination’s the limit when it comes to how to use a unique wood slab.

Tree Varieties

The wood slabs provided by Diablo Mulch are locally and sustainably sourced, so they are both natural and environmentally friendly. Because the Diablo Mulch wood slabs rely on local supply, the tree varieties in stock differ from season to season. To find out which unique variety we have in stock and which wood slab will be best for your project, it’s best to contact Diablo Mulch directly.

Wood slabs are perfect for adding a touch of natural character to any home, and any project. Call Diablo Mulch today to learn about our wood slabs and secure the ideal unique piece for your needs.

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