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San Ramon Mulch and San Ramon Wood Slab

It would be a mistake to ignore the many amazing benefits that mulch offers to a garden. From repelling weeds, pests and diseases, to nourishing plants, and even helping to make your garden beds look better, mulch is a garden ‘all-in-one’. Diablo Mulch have made it their mission to source freshest organic mulch to offer the best mulch in San Ramon.

There are many outstanding benefits of high quality mulch, with just a few listed below.

Mulch prevents weed growth allowing plants and trees to grow stronger.
Mulch helps to keep garden beds neat and tidy so your yard looks flawless.
Protects against evaporative moisture loss to conserve water.
Gradually breaks down releasing essential nutrients into the soil.
Covering exposed tree roots to protect them and prevent falls.
Diablo Mulch knows that each yard and garden bed needs a unique type of mulch to flourish. Diablo Mulch offers 3 mulch varieties to nourish the gardens in San Ramon.

Redwood Mulch

Redwood mulch is one of the Bay Area’s most popular mulches known by its characteristic red hue, durability and pleasant scent. Redwood mulch can last for years at a time, and is ideal for permanent garden beds and paths.

Pine Mulch

Made from lighter weight pine wood, pine mulch is perfect for fruit and vegetable gardens and temporary beds. Pine mulch disintegrates more quickly and can be tilled into the soil to enrich and nourish the garden.

Oak Mulch

Oak mulch provides the ideal combination of durable cover and soil nourishing goodness. Sourced from healthy oak trees, Diablo Mulch ensures the highest quality oak mulch, perfect for nourishing your own oak trees or covering exposed tree roots.

Wood Slabs

Diablo Mulch also provides all natural wood slabs that are ideal for your next art, design or building project. Perfect for one of a kind desks, doors, decorations or coffee tables, Diablo Mulch’s wood slabs are reasonably priced for high quality, sustainably sourced and unique pieces.

Replenish and protect your gardens with natural organic wood mulch from Diablo Mulch. For the best mulch and wood slabs in San Ramon delivered to your door, call Diablo Mulch today at 925.326.1814.

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