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Redwood Mulch


$48.00 cu. yards

Minimum order of 5cu

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From enhancing the visual appeal to providing essential nourishment for your garden, the advantages of mulch are manifold. Among the diverse mulch options, forest floor mulch stands out as one of the most beneficial, valuable, and healthful additions to your garden. This versatile material not only contributes to the aesthetic charm of your garden beds by suppressing weed growth and covering exposed tree roots but also imparts additional nutrients to your plants and shields them from dry conditions and temperature fluctuations. By employing careful management and professional application of mulch, your garden can reap the full spectrum of benefits, resulting in more beautiful and healthy plants and trees.

A preferred choice among gardeners, redwood mulch is highly regarded for its stunning appearance, pleasant scent, and positive impact on gardens. Abundantly found throughout the Pacific Northwest, redwood mulch excels in preserving soil moisture, inhibiting weed growth, and providing an even and attractive surface. Additionally, this mulch acts as a natural deterrent for certain types of insects and pests, making it a comprehensive and favored solution for garden maintenance.