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Walnut Creek, CA

Mini Natural


$38.00 cu. yards

Minimum order of 5cu

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Look no further for the ultimate water-conserving mulch!

Crafted from recycled wood material and free from any construction debris or pallets, this mulch stands out with its exceptional water-holding capacity and high nutritional value derived from tree trimmings. Not only does it enhance the aesthetics of your landscape, but it also acts as a potent deterrent to weed growth, all at an incredible value.

Our mini natural mulch plus goes beyond mere landscaping – it doubles as an excellent soil conditioner, transforming even the most stubborn soils. Simply mix or till it into the top twelve inches of your soil, creating an optimal planting area. The key advantage lies in its exclusive use of local tree trimmings, ensuring the best and most sought-after nutritional value for your plants and trees to thrive. No forest barks lacking essential nutrients, no lawn clippings introducing new weeds – just a locally sourced, safe mulch for you, your family, and your garden.

Sized at 3/8 inch minus, it’s the perfect solution for your water conservation and landscaping needs.