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Walnut Creek, CA

Kiln Dried Firewood


$268.00 per 1/2 cord

Kiln Dried Firewood ready to burn on those cold nights. We sell them by the half a cord.

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Our ultra-premium kiln-dried hardwood firewood captures the essence, providing a long-lasting and pleasant-smelling fire that is perfect for any luxurious gathering. Experienced fire enthusiasts appreciate oak’s subtle aroma, which sets an understated and elegant mood. Because it burns less intensely than other woods, oak firewood is a perfect choice for creating a relaxing ambiance. Each piece of firewood in our Oak Firewood Rack is hand-selected by our expert team to ensure it meets our rigorous quality standards, so you can trust that you are getting the best firewood available. Elevate your next gathering with our luxurious oak firewood.