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Walnut Creek, CA

Chocolate Brown Mulch

$64.00 cu. yards

Minimum order of 5cu

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Crafted from recycled wood material, our largest-sized mulch provides the appeal of walk-on bark without using forest products. Comprising recycled local tree trimmings and ground-up junk logs (urban timber that doesn’t meet milling specifications), this mulch is ideal for larger areas facing high winds. Featuring a non-toxic, food-grade colorant that endures, it offers nutritional value comparable to mini mulch but with a slower availability rate.

Suitable for both commercial and residential applications, especially in areas with heavy foot traffic from people and pets, this mulch doubles as an imaginative pathway builder. With an excellent price point, it stands out as a top-notch, locally recycled product, measuring 2.5 inches to 3/8 minus in size.

Safety First

Safe for children and pets, independent laboratory tests confirm that our color-enhanced mulch poses no more risk than regular mulch. Our colorant supplier prioritizes safety by avoiding hazardous materials like lead or cadmium-based pigments found in some paints and coatings.

Benefits for Plants and Trees

Color-enhanced mulch provides similar advantages to regular bark mulch. It facilitates rainwater reaching the soil, prevents water loss due to evaporation in dry weather, deters weed growth, and benefits plant root systems by maintaining a moderate soil temperature.

Long-Lasting Color

The standout feature of our product is its remarkable color-holding capacity. Mulch colored with our brand’s colorants retains its vivid, eye-catching hues for 1-2 years. These colorants resist UV fading and remain steadfast against the elements, with the wood itself deteriorating before the color fades from the fiber.

Aesthetic Appeal

Our brand’s color-enhanced mulch adds visual charm along houses or beneath trees. With color choices ranging from vibrant reds, yellows, golds, browns to black, it complements your yard’s natural landscaping. Mulch tinted with premium colorants acquires a robust yet natural appearance, enhancing the overall visual appeal with consistently colored, contrasting, or complementing ground cover shades.