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Pleasant Hill Mulch and Pleasant Hill Wood Slab

Mulch is your garden’s best friend. Providing protection, nourishment, and an attractive appearance, mulch helps to make your garden better.

Diablo Mulch is a leading provider of natural mulch in Pleasant Hill, California. When selecting a mulch for your garden, it’s essential to consider its source, quality, purity and composition. With Diablo Mulch you can be assured of receiving the best mulch in Pleasant Hill, sourced from healthy trees and selected for quality and purity

There are so many benefits of mulch, but some of the greatest advantages include –

  • Providing an even and appealing finish to your garden beds, planters and paths.
  • Insulating soil and protecting soil temperature.
  • Minimizing evaporative loss of water from soil.
  • Releasing nutrients, minerals and nitrogen to soil.
  • Protecting garden beds and plant roots from pests and disease.

Diablo Mulch provide 3 premium varieties of mulch delivered to homes in Pleasant Hill. The Diablo Mulch varieties include –

Redwood Mulch

A premium mulch variety, redwood is a hardwood that provides outstanding and long lasting results for your garden. Ideal for perennial beds, exposed tree roots and garden paths, redwood mulch is an attractive variety with a number of benefits. It’s natural coloring adds beauty and dimension to your garden, while its natural hardiness and resistance to pests places redwood mulch in high demand.

Oak Mulch

The oak tree naturally replenishes itself by dropping its leaves on the tree’s root system. In the same way, oak mulch makes the ideal covering to nourish and protect exposed tree roots. Oak mulch is long lasting, but also breaks down releasing nutrients, minerals and nitrogen into the soil. Diablo Mulch provides the highest quality oak mulch in Pleasant Hill, delivered to you when you need it

Pine Mulch

Pine mulch is a versatile and economical mulch option. Pine mulch is softer and breaks down more readily than other mulch types, making it ideal for temporary beds and fruit and vegetable gardens.

Wood Slabs

The perfect, natural base for your next furniture or building project, Diablo Mulch also provides quality wood slabs from locally sourced Bay Area trees.

Contact Diablo Mulch today at 925.326.1814 for more information on the right mulch for your garden, or to book a delivery of the best mulch in Pleasant Hill.

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