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Oak Mulch

Oak wood makes an excellent hardwood mulch for use on garden beds, around trees, and on garden paths. Long lasting, nourishing, and protective, oak mulch helps to bring out the best in your plants and garden.

When preparing oak mulch for trees, care needs to be taken when selecting the oak wood in order to ensure that the mulch fully benefits the garden.

Oak Mulch Qualities

Oak mulch is an attractive and appealing blend, with both the wood and the leaves making great mulch. While oak mulch and oak leaves have a reputation for being acidic and leaching nitrogen from the soil, this is actually a myth. Research has shown that even after multiple years of using mulch, soil nitrogen and pH levels are not affected.

Oak is a hardwood and its mulch creates a enduring mulch covering for flower beds, tree planters, and garden paths.

Benefits of Oak Mulch

Oak mulch is long lasting and looks polished and appealing in a number of settings. Oak mulch can be combined with oak leaves or other compost to make the ideal combination that both deeply nourishes your garden beds, while also protecting them.

Oak mulch is very effective at preventing soil moisture loss, and inhibiting weed growth. Being durable, it can last for years and won’t wash away in rain. Oak mulch evens out garden beds making them look neat and attractive, and provides the ideal combination of benefits for those who want a polished and healthy garden.

When to Use Oak Mulch

Oak mulch is ideal for use around other oak and hardwood trees, and can be particularly useful for covering the exposed roots of these trees. Oak mulch is a versatile hardwood mulch that can also be used for perennial flower beds and garden paths, providing a durable and long lasting cover.

Care needs to be taken when choosing an oak mulch. Using oak mulch from trees that have died from disease or pest infestations could spread these issues to your garden. Always choose oak mulch from a reputable professional supplier for optimal results.