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Moraga Mulch and Moraga Wood Slab

Natural organic mulch is like health food for your garden, helping to deeply replenish soil and nourish plants and trees.

Diablo Mulch provides top quality mulch to Moraga gardens, allowing you to access the benefits of mulch for your landscape. By sourcing only mulch from healthy trees, Diablo Mulch ensures a pure and safe mulch to enrich your garden.

Any experienced gardener will know that mulch provides a myriad of benefits to plants and trees. Some of these amazing benefits include –

  • Protecting soil from erosion and evaporation, and helping to maintain moisture in the soil.
  • Nourishing the soils with vital nutrients, minerals and nitrogen as the mulch slowly breaks down over time.
  • Smoothing out garden beds and helping them to look attractive and neat.
  • Preventing weeds being able to grow in garden beds around trees and plants.
  • Regulating soil temperature and preventing frost forming on the ground.

Choosing the right type of mulch for your plants and trees depends on the needs and requirements of your garden. Diablo Mulch supplies three unique mulch varieties to choose from so you can find the right variety for your needs.

Redwood Mulch

Known as a premium mulch variety, redwood mulch is an enduring and attractive much that’s perfect for garden paths and perennial beds. Helping to create neat and appealing landscapes with its stunning red coloration, redwood mulch also helps to nourish and protect soil.

Pine Mulch

The best mulch option for great value and excellent results is pine mulch. Pine mulch is lightweight and perfect for young or delicate plants. It also breaks down more quickly than other mulch varieties, helping to nourish the soil in temporary garden beds.

Oak Mulch

The oak tree is renowned for dropping its leaves onto its own roots to nourish the soil around them. In the same way, oak mulch can revitalize your trees, and provide much needed cover for exposed tree roots. Oak mulch provides a happy medium between providing lasting coverage and releasing vital nutrients into the soil.

Wood Slabs

By sourcing quality wood slabs from local Bay Area trees, Diablo Mulch provides the perfect material for your next building, construction or furniture project. Diablo Mulch’s wood slabs are sustainably sourced and of high quality, making them ideal for any project.

Call Diablo Mulch today at 925.326.1814 to learn more about which mulch is best for your garden, and to receive the best mulch in Moraga for all your gardening and landscaping needs.

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