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Mixed Mulch

From improving aesthetic appearance to deeply nourishing your garden, there’s so many benefits of mulch. Mulch is one of the most useful, valuable and healthful products you can add to your garden. Not only does mulch help your garden beds look beautiful by suppressing weed growth and covering exposed tree roots, it also nourishes your plants with extra nutrients and protects them from dryness and temperature fluctuation. With careful management and professional application of mulch, your garden can experience the full benefits of mulch for more beautiful and healthy plants and trees.

Mixed Mulch Qualities

Mixed mulch is often recognized by its multi-characteristic hue and pleasant earthy scent. As is known by many arborists and builders, mulch is naturally insect resistant and rot resistant. Mulch is also rich in natural nutrients and minerals and is excellent at helping to retain soil moisture.

Benefits of Mixed Mulch

Mixed mulch adds a rich touch of color to garden beds while evening out the surface of the garden bed. It also provides a pleasant natural scent to refresh any garden.

Mixed mulch is one of the hardiest and most durable types of mulch available, and is very rot resistant. Redwood becomes more likely to break down once mulched, however it still lasts longer than other types of mulch.

When To Use Mixed Mulch

Mixed mulch is ideal for garden beds where you want to add the benefits of mulch, along with a rich color and decorative effect. Because mixed mulch is long lasting and doesn’t break down quickly, it’s not ideal for temporary garden beds like vegetable beds. Mixed mulch is better suited to flower gardens, perennial beds and under trees. Shredded wood chips are also ideal for natural and decorative garden paths.

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