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Lafayette Mulch and Lafayette Wood Slab

Natural mulch applied to your tree roots and garden beds helps to make your plants stronger and healthier.

Providing premium mulch products that are guaranteed pure, safe and beneficial for your garden is the specialty of Diablo Mulch. Diablo Mulch pride themselves in offering the best mulch in Lafayette, delivered to your garden for your convenience.

Mulch is highly prized as a garden addition because it provides so many benefits to plants and trees. Just a few of the many benefits of mulch include –

  • Breaking down slowly over time, releasing essential nutrients, nitrogen and minerals into the soil.
  • Covering and protecting garden beds, preventing evaporative water loss from soil.
  • Inhibiting and preventing weed growth by covering the soil.
  • Regulating soil temperature by preventing temperature peaks or drops.
  • Helping to repel insects and pests from garden beds

Diablo Mulch knows how important it is to have the right type of mulch for your garden’s unique needs. Diablo mulch provides the following three premium mulch varieties –

Oak Mulch

Diablo Mulch’s premium oak mulch is sourced from healthy oak leaves, wood and bark to nourish and protect your garden. Oak mulch is perfect for covering and protecting exposed tree roots and providing the ideal combination of long-lasting cover and nourishment for perennial garden beds.

Redwood Mulch

Redwood mulch provides a long list of benefits to gardens including enduring cover, resistance to insects and pests, soil protection and attractive coloration. Redwood mulch is a high quality mulch that keeps your garden beds neat and covered for years at a time.

Pine Mulch

Pine mulch is one of the best value mulch varieties, providing great cover for less cost. Pine is a softer wood that breaks down more quickly as mulch. This makes pine mulch ideal for temporary garden beds that need extra nourishment.

Diablo Mulch knows that you want the best when it comes to your garden and tree care. That’s why Diablo mulch only sources it’s organic mulch from healthy trees so it’s guaranteed pure.

Wood Slabs

Diablo Mulch provides quality wood slabs in Lafayette from the most popular tree varieties. Perfect for that unique furniture, building or art project, Diablo Mulch’s wood slabs are sustainably sourced and one of a kind.

For the best organic mulch and wood slabs in Lafayette, call Diablo Mulch at 925.326.1814 to learn more about having these outstanding products delivered to you.

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