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Diablo Mulch and Diablo Wood Slab

Every gardener knows how important mulch is for plants, and every landscaper knows how beneficial mulch is for neat and attractive landscapes.

Diablo Mulch provides the best quality mulch in Diablo, California, in the type and quantity you need, delivered to your garden. Diablo Mulch’s products are guaranteed to be pure and safe for your garden so you can expect outstanding results and the best performance.

Mulch has a number of excellent advantage for gardens and landscapes, including –

  • Breaking down gradually over time supplying soil with a replenishment of vital nutrients, minerals and nitrogen.
  • Insulating soil and protecting garden beds from fluctuations in temperature.
  • Shielding soil from pest invasions and inhibiting weed growth.
  • Making garden beds neat, attractive and even.
  • Covering exposed tree roots and protecting against trip and falls.

Diablo Mulch provides three different varieties of tree mulch specifically chosen for their unique properties. These include –

Pine Mulch

Pine mulch is one of the more economical mulch choices, and is usually recommended for temporary garden beds where the soil will be tilled. Because pine is a softer wood it breaks down more readily, making it ideal for younger or more delicate plants.

Redwood Mulch

Redwood mulch is a top quality, long-lasting and attractive hardwood mulch that is in high demand. Redwood mulch is naturally insect and pest resistant and can take years to break down, giving you enduring and beautiful garden bed cover.

Oak Mulch

Oak trees naturally provide their own mulch when they drop their leaves around their roots. But by using oak mulch around your garden, all your trees and plants can take advantage of the regenerative effects of oak mulch. Oak leaves break down to provide vital nutrients and minerals to the soil, while hardwood oak chips provide lasting cover and protection for garden beds.

Wood Slabs

Wood slabs are high quality pieces of natural wood that can be used in furniture, building projects or art pieces. Diablo Mulch provides unique wood slabs from popular Bay Area tree varieties.

Diablo Mulch are your local mulch specialists in Diablo, ready to provide you with the right type and quantity of mulch that’s guaranteed pure and safe for your plants. Call Diablo Mulch at 925.326.1814 now to organize a mulch delivery in Diablo, or to learn more about how mulch can benefit your landscape.

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