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Concord Mulch and Concord Wood Slab

Diablo Mulch provides high quality, organic mulch for gardening and landscaping delivered to you in Concord, California.

Mulch works wonders for replenishing your garden while creating beautiful landscaping effects. Whether you are looking for quality Pine mulch, Oak mulch or Redwood mulch in Concord, Diablo Mulch has the perfect solution for your trees, shrubs and plants. From tender sprouts and saplings to towering trees, Diablo Mulch can cater to every type of plant!

The benefits of mulch include –

  • Providing a protective layer to preserve soil moisture
  • Replenishing soil nutrients
  • Protecting exposed tree roots
  • Regulating soil temperature
  • Creating an even and attractive surface for garden beds
    Diablo Mulch provides high quality, locally sourced mulch that is inspected and sorted for purity and quality. Diablo Mulch provides the following three mulch varieties for your garden.

Pine Mulch

Pine mulch is a lightweight and economical mulch perfect for temporary garden beds, or young and delicate plants. Pine mulch doesn’t take too long to break down, so it protects your plants while also supplying your garden with vital nutrients.

Oak Mulch

Oak mulch can include the leaves, wood and bark of healthy oak trees. Oak mulch is perfect for covering more permanent garden beds, and for protecting exposed tree roots. Diablo Mulch provides high quality oak mulch that’s guaranteed to be free from pests and disease.

Redwood Mulch

Redwood mulch is a premium variety highly prized for its attractive appearance, durability and resistance to pests. Because it is long lasting, redwood mulch is ideal for perennial flower beds, around trees, and for garden paths.

Wood Slabs

Wood slabs add a natural yet unique dimension to any project, whether it’s a new coffee table or a stunning art piece. Diablo Mulch provides high quality, sustainably sourced wood slabs from popular Bay Area tree varieties.

For premium mulch in Concord delivered to your door, call Diablo Mulch today at 925.326.1814 for the best in quality and service.

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