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Blackhawk Mulch and Blackhawk Wood Slab

Mulch is your garden’s ultimate health food, nourishing, protecting and regenerating gardens while keeping your landscapes looking great.

Diablo Mulch are your local Blackhawk experts for providing high quality, fresh and natural mulch for your garden. Providing premium pine mulch, oak mulch and redwood mulch, Diablo Mulch has the right mulch type for your preference and needs.

Mulch has a number of amazing benefits for your plants and your garden. Mulch help to make garden maintenance easier and improves a garden’s health and appearance by –

Providing protection from pests and disease, and inhibiting weed growth.
Decomposing to enrich the soil with essential nutrients, minerals and nitrogen.
Insulating soil and regulating soil temperature, preventing overheating and freezing.
Conserving soil moisture by preventing evaporative water loss from soil.
Protecting and concealing exposed tree roots.
However, your mulch choice doesn’t have to be ‘one size fits all’. The experts at Diablo Mulch can help you choose the right mulch in the right quantity to best nourish and protect your garden. Diablo Mulch supplies 3 quality mulch varieties.

Redwood Mulch

Renowned as one of the highest quality mulch varieties, redwood mulch is a hardwood mulch that offers long lasting cover, resistance to insects and one of the most appealing wood chip colorations and textures. Because it takes a long time to breakdown, redwood mulch is best suited to permanent beds, garden paths and landscaping.

Pine Mulch

One of the best value mulch options is pine mulch, a lightweight wood mulch for temporary garden beds. Because pine mulch breaks down more quickly it’s excellent for replenishing soil that needs extra nourishment. Pine mulch can eventually be gently tilled into the soil, providing extra minerals, nutrients and nitrogen that’s essential for healthy plants.

Oak Mulch

Oak mulch is another attractive hardwood mulch choice that’s excellent for gardens with exposed tree roots or perennial beds. Oak mulch is long lasting, but also replenishes soil while providing outstanding cover. Diablo Mulch’s oak mulch is sourced from only healthy trees to keep your garden disease and pest free.

Wood Slabs

Diablo Mulch also offers one-of-a-kind wood slabs from popular Bay Area tree varieties. These unique wood slabs can be used to add an outstanding touch to your next building, furniture, art or creative project.

Contact Diablo Mulch today at 925.326.1814 to learn more about how to choose and apply mulch for your garden, and to have the best wood slabs and mulch in Blackhawk delivered direct to you.

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