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Alamo Mulch and Alamo Wood Slab

By providing protection against pests and disease, keeping your garden hydrated, and replenishing soil with nutrients, mulch is a superfood for your garden.

For the highest quality mulch delivered to your address in Alamo, California, Diablo Mulch is the supplier for you.

Offering your garden a whole host of benefits, it’s important to include mulch as a part of your landscaping and garden upkeep. Some of the many benefits of mulch include –

Preventing access for pests and repelling some types of insects.
Adding a protective layer to soil to prevent evaporative losses of moisture from the soil.
Nourishing soil with added nutrients, minerals and nitrogen as the mulch breaks down.
Creating a smooth, neat and appealing structure for garden beds, along with unique landscaping effects.
Nourishing and protecting trees and plants to help them grow healthier and stronger.
Because your garden has unique, individual needs, your mulch should be unique as well. That’s why Diablo Mulch offers a choice of three premium mulch varieties to cater to your garden’s individual needs.

Redwood Mulch

Redwood mulch is one of the highest quality hardwood mulches, offering a number of incredible benefits for long term mulch use. Redwood mulch is durable, breaking down slowly. It also contains natural components that repel pests and insects, and lends a stunning red coloration to landscapes.

Pine Mulch

Pine mulch is an economical and lightweight mulch option that’s perfect for temporary garden beds like fruit and vegetable gardens. Pine mulch breaks down more quickly so it replenishes soil and fuels plant growth.

Oak Mulch

Oak trees naturally replenish themselves by dropping their leaves around their root systems. Spreading oak mulch around your garden allows all your trees to take advantage of these regenerative benefits. Oak mulch is perfect for concealing and nourishing exposed tree roots, and as a durable cover for perennial garden beds.

Wood Slabs

Diablo Mulch also sources unique and natural wood slabs which are perfect for creative, artistic or building projects. These wood slabs are perfect for that one of a kind coffee table or art feature.

Diablo Mulch guarantees only the best quality mulch for Alamo landscapes. Contact Diablo Mulch today at 925.326.1814 to learn more about how your garden can benefit from mulch, and to get the best mulch in Alamo delivered to your yard.

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